About Us

SkyNET Computer Systems Inc. is a "real-life" web and IT solutions company. We bring tailor-made solutions for small to medium businesses.

Our eCommerce Online Store Solutions (www.eseecommerce.com) is a turn-key solution for retailers and wholesalers to sell their products and services online.

Together with our web solution team, our online store solutions will open a channel between businesses, their customers (C2B), and their business partners (B2B). SkyNET realizes that there are many existing online store solutions in the market; however, many of them are either too simple or too expensive. eSeeCommerce Online Store Solutions will be filling this gap with an affordable price, providing extensive custom design web solutions and online tools for daily business applications.

Our vision is to help all small to medium size business to have their own custom-made e-commerce solutions - from online store, customers support, marketing, promotion and B2B solutions - SkyNET provides one-step complete solutions - eSeeCommerce Solutions